Mountains And Rivers Between Us Dead Bees Rec. (db08) - 02/2011

Summer Rain

The Big Clock

Story Of The Birdmen

Revenge Of The Nerds

Tears Of A Pioneer Girl

Each Dawn I Die



Same Story, Some Years Later

Sunday Games

I've Slept In Big Rooms


Split : Nuit Noire / Call Me Loretta Dead Bees Rec. (db05) - 10/2006

Call Me Loretta : Each Dawn I Die - Smart Heart

Nuit Noire : In The Very Old Forest - Moonbath


Crosswind Dead Bees Rec. (db02) - 03/2004

Evaluation Copy >>> Mp3

Lazy Antibodies

Have you ever heard Lilian Gish ?

High as a holed kite >>> Mp3

Things I hate n°4

I’m trying hard to listen…

Liar Liar Liar, Tongue’s on fire

White Noise Lover

Conversation With Myself

Coralled Horses


Tarnished Angels - Leafless Mind Green vinyl 7" autoproduit - 06/2002

Tarnished Angels

Leafless Mind


Scars EP autoproduit - 05/2001

Leafless Mind

Childish Dreamwish

Harmacy >>> Mp3

Voiceless Disillusion

Catching Me Back vs. Outlet for Vanity

Vague à larmes

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